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    Am I Wrong
    Will IDAP (performed by Nico & Vinz)
    Heart of Glass
    Carl Falk (performed by Nicki Minaj)
    Black Saturday
    Mando Diao
    Busy Doin' Nothin'
    Linnea Deb & Joy Deb (performed by Ace Wilder)
    Pretty Woman
    Roy Orbison
    Beväpna dig med vingar
    What Makes You Beautiful
    Carl Falk (performed by One Direction)

    Dead Soul is supporting The Haunted this fall (Click the picture to view a live video)

    Dead Soul on tour_special

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    Gucci Presents: The Jackie (Director’s Cut)

    Song: A Lizard State
    Writer: Marshall
    Artist: King Krule
    Territory: world